The Library Block, which now houses the Music Department and the Staff Room.


"At last we can begin to look forward to having the new buildings in the near future; the foundations are being laid in the small tennis court. "
From the 1925 magazine

"The new building contains a beautiful library, partly oak panelled, a really dignified room. Next to this is an excellent form room. It was originally meant for a history and geography room, but we have been unable to keep it entirely for this. On the floor below is a large and well fitted biological laboratory with a store cupboard, and also another form room with a little room leading out of it, used as an extra cloakroom for the staff. This new block has flat roof with a low parapet, which is easily reached from the main building and will be used by the staff and UVI in the summer."
From the headmistress's report, 1926


The library in 1934. This studious room with its oak panelling and shelving remained largely unchanged for 75 years. (click to enlarge)



"Equally interesting was an inspection of the new biological laboratory, which is equipped with first-rate apparatus. The guests enjoyed peeping through the microscopes to behold the different phases and marvels of the minute. The two class-rooms, which are devoted to the two upper forms, bear evidence of careful attention to the needs of the scholars. Overcrowding is an evil that has been annihilated, whilst the little cloak-room, which is also incorporated in the annexe, is well thought out."
From a newspaper report of the opening ceremony


Beside the library was a classroom mainly used as a sixth form room - this is the 1970s


The flat roof of the library corridor has a low parapet, and it was a sixth form privilege to spend recreation time sitting there.
"We used to sit out in the summer term writing invented sob letters to the woman’s magazines of the time."
from a 1940s pupil
"Some people sunbathed there. And word got around that there was an enterprising man with a pair of binoculars in the building opposite ."
from a 1950s pupil



Sixth form girls on the corridor roof, 1940s

Cast of a 1940s play on the roof

This early 1920s photograph shows the main building before the library block was built, with the playground extending right round the back, and the mulberry tree with its circular seat (click to enlarge)


"In that part of the playground which remains between the new wing and main building a small garden has been laid out with brick paths. "
From the logbook

The school gas lighting had only recently been replaced by electric light. The installation obviously had teething troubles...

"At a gathering of parents to view these new premises there was such a strain on the electric light that it fused and we were left in darkness. I can still see clearly Miss Linington and Miss Mulliner standing in the dark corridor with lighted candles, erect and immoveable! A clever parent soon put matters right…”
Miss Cossey, writing in the 1956 school magazine

The new library, from the headmistress's speech at the 1926 Prizegiving


Lunch in the old dining room (subsequently the Ledger library) in the early 1950s. Not much space here!
(Mouseover for a picture of the room today - it's the staff dining room.)


"The provision of a school laboratory would enable them to develop their science work on the biological side. This she had long wanted to do, for biological science played an enormously important part in the life of the modern community - the provision of food, the maintenance of health, and the prevention of disease were all applications of it."
From a speech at the 1926 prizegiving


Hardly recognisable - the library has become a modern music classroom

In the recent change round of departments, the library has moved elsewhere, and the old panelled room is now part of the Music Department. The biology laboratory became a geography room in the late 1970s,, and is now the staff room.