1908 laboratory

The large L-shaped room at the top of the building was, in 1908, the first extension made to the school buildings, and was a laboratory.


"The new science laboratory is now finished and fitted up for use. The large well-lighted room is much appreciated by everybody."
From the 1908 school magazine

"The new laboratory is in every way an excellent room both for class teaching and experimental work."
from the report of the 1911 inspection

However, the ventilation was obviously rather obtrusive...
"The balances need to have more permanent covers, since the air-movements in the new laboratory make careful weighing impossible."


The L of the room was fitted out with lecture-theatre style tiered seating, seen here still in use in the mid-1950s. It was removed around 1960.



By the 1949 Inspection the room was not so admired.

"There is a lecture room but it is joined with the P and C laboratory to form one large L- shaped room so that while one part is in use it is not possible to use the other."
From the 1949 inspection report

It was not until the new labs were built in Cecil Place that this room ceased to be a laboratory.




Science lessons

The laboratory assistant

Exterior view of the new lab


A science lesson taking place early in the century
(mouseover to see it today or click mouse to enlarge)



After the biology laboratory was built in 1926, this lab was used for both Physics and Chemistry until 1976 when Science moved into Cecil Place.

"The labs were really cold. The one up the stairs was so cold that we had to wear our coats and have the bunsens lit to keep warm."
From pupils of the late 1940s



A new role - the sixth form sitting room


When Physics decamped to Cecil Place, the room at the top became free. It became the upper sixth form room, furnished with easy chairs - a haven away from the bustle of the school corridors.

"The former physics laboratory is being transformed into a much-appreciated sixth form common room, where school and girls contributed fine carpeting and comfortable furniture respectively, and where the amenities include electric kettles, grills, sink and record player."
from the 1976 school magazine

It remained as the sixth form room until 1994, when it became a music room (mouseover picture at top of page).