Newspaper Account of Opening

From the Portsmouth Times, 22nd February 1885

"The HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS at SOUTHSEA was opened for the reception of pupils yesterday. The school has been established under the auspices of the Girls’ Public Day School Company, in connection with the National Union for Improving the Education of Women, the president of this Union being HRH the Princess Louise. The company was started in 1972, and we believe the Southsea school is the twentieth which it has established. It is a rule of the Company to open a school in any district where a total of 400 shares has been subscribed for. When the scheme was mooted at Southsea, at a meeting called by circular, Mr William Edmonds was appointed hon. Secretary, and, thanks to his energy, subscribers were found for 560 shares. There was considerable difficulty in finding a suitable site for the school, but at length the committee were most fortunate in securing a commodious and well situate building, viz. Marlborough House, Osborne-Road, Southsea. The interior of the premises has been thoroughly renovated, and adapted for the purpose, accommodation being provided for a hundred pupils with provision for enlargement. The various class rooms have been furnished in a very complete manner. The desks are fitted upon a new principle, the patent of Messrs Hammer and Co, and the walls are adorned with the latest editions of Stanford’s excellent maps. Due attention has been paid to the sanitary and ventilating arrangements, which are perfect. Although, owing to the delay, the school is opened at half term, thirty pupils have commenced their studies, and this is considered a highly satisfactory start under the circumstances. As already announced, Miss Ledger has been selected as the head mistress of the school, and the appointment has been unanimously approved by the local committee. "